Beginning June 2024, TLSS will offer hourly chartering for the Melges 15 boat. We encourage the use of this boat outside of class times, via this chartering program.  

Chartering Details

  • Use of the boat for an hour of time, with instructor cooperation. 
  • Cost: $30/hr (instructor will check in to ensure the boat is properly rigged / derigged) along with a refundable, season-long deposit of $250 to cover potential damage beyond normal wear and tear. 

Chartering Expectations

  • Please meet our TLSS instructor on the boardwalk prior to your chartering time to review necessary steps for rigging, sailing, and de-rigging chartered boats. A TLSS Instructor will be on site during the entire chartering session unless otherwise specified. 
  • Should parts on the boat break or become unusable you are to alert the TLSS instructor at the end of your chartering time in order to get parts ordered, as necessary. 
  • While you are the chartering captain, the boat remains property of TLSS. Please be respectful to the boat, as well as the instructor on site. 


The Melges 15 chartering Liability Waiver MUST be signed prior to your session. The TLSS instructor will confirm this with you at the start of your time slot.