Via the Torch Lake Sailing School, Torch Lake Yacht Club members have the opportunity to charter boats during the summer for both leisure and competitive sailing. 


The Torch Lake Sailing School’s goal is to grow boat ownership within the Torch Lake Yacht Club Racing Program and we encourage everyone to own their own boat, when possible. 

If boat ownership is not an option, you may charter a Butterfly to race in the Championship Series and use it any time it’s not otherwise needed for sailing school. The cost to charter is intended to cover the cost of wear and tear (i.e. replacement parts, sails, etc.) and is not a ‘rental fee.’ 

Click HERE for Butterfly Chartering.


Torch Lake Sailing School also has Melges 15s available to Torch Lake Yacht Club sailors. The M15 is a great boat for E-Scow skippers to train new crew members as well as for couples or parents of older children seeking quality time with their family.

Click HERE for Melges 15 Chartering.